HR Process Review

If you don’t review your HR processes, you put these things at risk:

  • Employee engagement
  • HR service quality
  • Data and reporting accuracy
  • Legal compliance
  • Ability to recruit and retain great HR people

If you have so much on your plate that you can’t get to the process reviews that will actually give you more time to focus on value adding activities and improve efficiency, then this package is for you.

For £1,750 + VAT you will get: ·

  • An “As Is” process map showing you exactly what your current process is and all its complexities.
  • A re-designed process (and relevant supporting documents) to simplify it, ensuring it is user friendly, legally compliant and fit for your business culture.
  • An implementation plan to help ensure that the new process is embedded and maximised within your business.

Pick your process:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Attendance Management
  • Family Leave (maternity, paternity, SPL)
  • Discipline & Grievance
  • Performance

Need more than one process reviewed? The second and subsequent processes receive a 10% discount.

Email or complete the contact form for more information, or to discuss other processes, and lets get started.